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All models and part of benchmark results are recorded below.


In the following tables, we only display ImageNet linear evaluation, ImageNet fine-tuning, COCO17 object detection and instance segmentation, and PASCAL VOC12 Aug semantic segmentation. You can click algorithm name above to check more comprehensive benchmark results.

ImageNet Linear Evaluation

If not specified, we use linear evaluation setting from MoCo as default. Other settings are mentioned in Remarks.

Algorithm Config Remarks Top-1 (%)
Relative Location relative-loc_resnet50_8xb64-steplr-70e_in1k 38.78
Rotation Prediction rotation-pred_resnet50_8xb16-steplr-70e_in1k 48.12
DeepCluster 46.92
NPID npid_resnet50_8xb32-steplr-200e_in1k 58.97
ODC odc_resnet50_8xb64-steplr-440e_in1k 53.43
SimCLR simclr_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k SimSiam paper setting 62.56
simclr_resnet50_16xb256-coslr-200e_in1k SimSiam paper setting 66.66
MoCo v2 mocov2_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k 67.58
BYOL byol_resnet50_8xb32-accum16-coslr-200e_in1k SimSiam paper setting 71.72
byol_resnet50_16xb256-coslr-200e_in1k SimSiam paper setting 71.88
byol_resnet50_8xb32-accum16-coslr-300e_in1k SimSiam paper setting 72.93
SwAV swav_resnet50_8xb32-mcrop-2-6-coslr-200e_in1k-224-96 SwAV paper setting 70.47
DenseCL densecl_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k 63.62
SimSiam simsiam_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-100e_in1k SimSiam paper setting 68.28
simsiam_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k SimSiam paper setting 69.84
Barlow Twins barlowtwins_resnet50_8xb256-coslr-300e_in1k Barlow Twins paper setting 71.66
MoCo v3 mocov3_vit-small-p16_32xb128-fp16-coslr-300e_in1k-224 MoCo v3 paper setting 73.19

COCO17 Object Detection and Instance Segmentation

In COCO17 object detection and instance segmentation task, we choose the evaluation protocol from MoCo, with Mask-RCNN FPN architecture. The results below are fine-tuned with the same config.

Algorithm Config mAP (Box) mAP (Mask)
Relative Location relative-loc_resnet50_8xb64-steplr-70e_in1k 37.5 33.7
Rotation Prediction rotation-pred_resnet50_8xb16-steplr-70e_in1k 37.9 34.2
NPID npid_resnet50_8xb32-steplr-200e_in1k 38.5 34.6
SimCLR simclr_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k 38.7 34.9
MoCo v2 mocov2_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k 40.2 36.1
BYOL byol_resnet50_8xb32-accum16-coslr-200e_in1k 40.9 36.8
SwAV swav_resnet50_8xb32-mcrop-2-6-coslr-200e_in1k-224-96 40.2 36.3
SimSiam simsiam_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-100e_in1k 38.6 34.6
simsiam_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k 38.8 34.9

Pascal VOC12 Aug Semantic Segmentation

In Pascal VOC12 Aug semantic segmentation task, we choose the evaluation protocol from MMSeg, with FCN architecture. The results below are fine-tuned with the same config.

Algorithm Config mIOU
Relative Location relative-loc_resnet50_8xb64-steplr-70e_in1k 63.49
Rotation Prediction rotation-pred_resnet50_8xb16-steplr-70e_in1k 64.31
NPID npid_resnet50_8xb32-steplr-200e_in1k 65.45
SimCLR simclr_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k 64.03
MoCo v2 mocov2_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k 67.55
BYOL byol_resnet50_8xb32-accum16-coslr-200e_in1k 67.16
SwAV swav_resnet50_8xb32-mcrop-2-6-coslr-200e_in1k-224-96 63.73
DenseCL densecl_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k 69.47
SimSiam simsiam_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-100e_in1k 48.35
simsiam_resnet50_8xb32-coslr-200e_in1k 46.27
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